Travel Wallets

A ticket travel wallet is a new item recently added to the Bumboom print portfolio. Those of us who use a travel agent to book holidays and flights will be familiar with this item of print. Its just the right size to hold your flight or ferry tickets and travel itinerary. But this handy sized folder or wallet is something we only ever see used by a travel agency. I wonder why that is? After all, it could be a very useful item for many businesses.

Many businesses use A4 or A5 folders to contain their leaflets, quotes or whatever. These folders contain a number of leaflets or inserts in a very practical manner. So why dont more companies use the travel ticket wallets for this purpose? There is no law that says they are only to be used for flight tickets is there. They could be used for a marketing and advertising campaign. In fact, thinking about it the possibilities with this particular device are endless.

Here is a nice idea for any kind of business out there. Imagine a high street hairdresser that has a very active marketing plan in place. They have discounts on Thursdays for OAPs they do 10% student discount on weekday evenings they have a new stylist from London working there two days a week they have special offers running throughout the year. They advertise their offers on A2 posters in their window and online. So, imagine they convert every poster and offer to a DL sized leaflet either single or double-sided. These could then be inserted into one of these wallets, branded with their image and contact details. The hairdresser now has a DL sized wallet or folder containing three or four inserts. This complete item is now ideal for mailing, posting, giving out on the street or displaying in-store. Smaller than A5 or A4 folders, but it still says what the hairdresser wants. Also the cost of producing these smaller sized folders is going to be substantially less than the conventional A5 and A4 variants. This concept can work for many other business sectors as well for example the local building company. They can have an insert for general building work, for conservatories, roofing and so on. I believe that advertising needs to be different for it to work best for you. By using a smaller sized device to contain all your literature will be a different way of doing things and more likely to have an impact.

Why not speak to the Bumboom Print design team about this idea. They will be able to give you some ideas about how to make the most from your print marketing.

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