Wide Spine Inserts Stickers 61mm x 192mm - adhesive

There is no doubt that young children love stickers. They collect them and stick them in their scrapbooks, on their bedroom door, or on their schoolbooks. And if there is an opportunity to get a free sticker, then they want to have it. My children visited the dentist the other day and were given a sticker telling them they had been brave. A smart move by the dentist I thought. This will leave a memory with the children for future and may even encourage them in later life to pay him regular visits.

But stickers play a big role in marketing and communication nowadays. Anyone trying to promote a business or organisation should understand the usefulness of stickers in achieving their goals. We mostly see them on retail packaging, and I like the way they work hard for the retailer. Some tell us that the product is new, or has a reduced price or whatever. A well-placed sticker raises awareness of a business by attracting attention. That s where effective marketing begins, by letting people know that you exist and that you have something of value to offer. Many types of stickers including car bumper stickers are a good choice for this purpose.

The uses for stickers are absolutely endless. We see them on heavy machinery; we see them added to packaging and advertising flyers. We see them on the front cover of magazines telling us that there is something special inside. In the high street we see many kinds of window stickers, which are all trying to grab our attention. I remember seeing a sticker covering the complete window of an Apple Store when they were advertising their new iPod.

So in essence, a sticker is normally used as an attention grabbing device, and also something that can maybe be used for a short period of time. They are cost effective, and can add certain oomph to your marketing communication. For example, we recently produced stickers advertising a clients 10th birthday. These stickers were used on all advertising communication for a few weeks leading up to their birthday. This was a lot more cost effective than having to reprint flyers, brochures and letterheads. Once the birthday had passed, the stickers had done their job.

At Bumboom Print we print a large array of stickers. In fact too many kinds, shapes and sizes to tell you about in full. So if you think you need stickers for your business, its probably best to enquire with us and well be able to advise and show samples of the kind of work we have done.

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