Standard Roller Banner Stand-850mm wide x 2150mm tall

I recently attended a business event at a local hotel. I am sure you all know the scene business types networking to promote their company and its services. One thing that grabbed my attention that day was at the entrance to the function room. There, by the entrance was a roll-up banner advertising the hotel and the kind of functions it could accommodate.

The banner itself was superbly printed, and the message it gave to me was single-minded and informative in fact, I am considering using this hotel for a seminar our company is to hold later in the year. I had seen banners like this before, and what I liked about them was the ease in which they could be erected. There is no need for burly chaps to put this thing up, anyone can put one of these stands up in a couple of minutes its that easy.

I decided to enquire further about the banner and asked the young chap at reception if he knew who supplied the banner. He told me Bumboom Print were the suppliers, and he kindly gave me their contact details apparently Bumboom Print supply this hotel with most of their printing. So I contacted Bumboom the next day. They quoted me for one banner, and told me that their banners were guaranteed for two years and that each banner came with its own stylish carry case. The size of their banners is 2m high by 850mm wide.

I could definitely see that our company had a use for these banners. Afterall, we attend many events throughout the year. These things are comparatively cheap, and yet create such an impact. I will brief our designer on them shortly and see what he comes up with. The trick is to have a design and message on the banner that is generic and wont need to be updated frequently so no need for prices or dates.

I was amazed at the cost of the banners. I was expecting them to be relatively expansive seeing as they looked so good, but was surprised at the comparative low cost. I will be recommending this kind of thing to other businesses I am in touch with, as I believe this is a very cost effective way of getting a message across in a big way.

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