Gaint Roller Banner Stand - 2000mm wide x 2150mm tall

FEATURES Weight 2M wide unit: 14kg (approx weights) MORE INFO The Giant Roller Banner Stand was launched in the Summer of 2009 and we have had some brilliant customer feedback on this product! By bulk-buying direct from the manufacturer, we are able to offer these eyecatching displays for a fraction of the cost of comparable wide banner stands from our competitors. Our giant, wide base roller banner stand is available at 2M width or 1.5M width is available seperately. That's wider than a 2x3 curved shape pop up stand and around half the price! The giant roller banner stand uses twin support poles to give the huge graphic support over the whole width. The durable base mechanism uses a durable metal roller mechanism and features attractive, chrome finish fold-out feet for extra stability. Assembly of the display takes only a few minutes and no tools are required.

Artwork Requirements Size: 2000mm wide x 2150mm tall page size. Resolution:We suggest no less than 150dpi at full size. Please increase resolution accordingly to allow for any enlargement should you set artwork at a reduced-scale. Colour Mode:Supply artwork in CMYK mode only Important Info:The bottom 150mm of the 2150mm page height is non-viewable and you should ensure that all viewable information is raised up, above this region of the artwork. We suggest that the background colour or any background images run all of the way into the non viewable region, down to the bottom of the page. Files types supported: Please save files as JPG, Tiff or PDF

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