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The terminology used by print companies can be rather confusing to the uninitiated. Too many items seem to have more than one name, and terms seem to overlap. In this article we are talking about promo cards, yet how is an A6 promo card different to an A6 postcard, or an A6 flyer? The answer is, there is no difference, it is just that we are using different terms for the same thing. Some companies that do a lot of promotional work call them promo cards, therefore we are fitting in with consumer trends.

Promo cards are traditionally unfolded cards in either A4, A5 or A6 sizes and are printed on a heavyweight material 250, 350 and 400gsm. Companies use them to promote their products or services in much the same way they would use a flyer or leaflet. The material we use for print is a high quality, high white board that gives excellent colour reproduction. Afterall, if you have gone to the trouble and expense of having some decent photography of your products you will expect the print quality to make them jump off the page.

At Uthara Print we don't do cheap print. We do premium quality print at very competitive rates. This results in our customers coming back for reprints time and time again. We print on modern, fast, state-of-the-art presses, and we use high quality paper and board. This results in a high class product which shows photographs, illustrations and colour off in an accurate and punchy way. Clients want their products to leap off the page, so that the reader has impact from them.

You may want Uthara Print to handle your design and artwork for you. In this case our design team can work to a brief and deliver great design work that will add some oomph to your promo cards. Afterall, it's no good having promo cards without the oomph.

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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

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