A1 Posters (59cm x 84cm)

Great posters contain ten words or less so say top creatives. We ve all seen great posters an arresting image to grab attention, coupled with a headline that is short and to the point, plus branding so that you know where exactly to get that product or service. Posters need to be simple and direct because in our busy lives we do not have time to dwell on them in other words they need to work immediately.

Paper choice is just as important for posters as it is for any other print product. Unlike a business card or letterhead the reader is unlikely to ever touch the poster. Therefore the touchy feel of your poster is unimportant. We only print our posters on a high white 135gsm or 175gsm gloss paper. There is no show through on these weights of paper. The high gloss finish and brilliant white colour helps the ink retain its brightness so that your poster has punch and grabs the attention of your audience.

As you can see the most important aspect of a poster is the design. The paper to a certain extent does not matter. To help you design a poster that will be noticed, here are a few helpful dos and donts.

A poster is not simply a leaflet increased in size. There will be too much information to read.

Keep it brief. Reduce the information down to the basics. Were selling the sizzle here, not the sausage.

Include a call to action. In other words, what do you want people to do? Phone for tickets? Go online?

Use powerful imager to grab attention.

Be frugal with your words. Less is definitely more here.

At Bumboom Print our creative team could design a poster for you. Contact us with your brief and one of our talented designers will come up with a couple of workable options for you to select from.

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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

  I need help with design, I will provide details for the designer. See design fee with printing charges.

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