3x4 Pop-Up Stand

I recently attended an exhibition, and was amazed at the huge array of different stands available on the market. Some of the larger companies exhibiting had really gone to town and their exhibition stands must have taken a team of builders to construct. Yet, there were many smaller, less elaborate stands there, and I saw some very nice pop-up stands which I thought would be ideal for my company. So I made some enquiries with one of the exhibitors.

They had bought their stands (they had three) from Bumboom Print. She told me how easy Bumboom Print were to deal with. The quality of print on these stands was awesome. The lady told me how much she paid for them and I was surprised at how low the price seemed for such a high quality, well-printed product.

I did some research on Bumboom Print and found out that they are portable display stand specialists. All stands have a 10-year guarantee. And they use high quality HP technology which gives perfect print quality and colour every time. They buy the stands in bulk which means they can offer the stands at very competitive prices. The printed graphics attaches to the stand with magnetic channel bars. I thought the 3x3 pop up stand would be ideal for our company and I wanted to have one in the reception area of our head office.

The Express Pop-Up 3x3 stand comprises five printed panels that butt together perfectly. The dimensions are actually slightly less than 3x3 metres at 2.54x2.28 metres. All stands are delivered in a stylish frame bag. The main frame of the stand is made from robust aluminium. All Bumboom s stands are compatible with a wide range of lighting accessories.

If you are supplying artwork, Bumboom can supply templates and help guide your designer through the process.

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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

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5 £ 4,868.75
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