A4 Note Pads - Wire Bound

I recently attended a training course at an up market city centre hotel. As is usual with these types of events, we were all supplied with a note pad, pens and pencils. We all took our seats, and as usual we all introduced ourselves to the other group members.

As the training course got into full swing I started to make notes. And it was then I noticed the very stylish note pad. It really was of a very superior quality. It was spiral bound; the glossy cover had an image of the London business district, as well as the company name, the title and date of the seminar. Inside the text pages were plain for me better than ruled as I find it difficult to keep to the lines and in the bottom right hand corner of each page was the company logo printed in royal blue. There were probably 50 or 100 pages in total, and I hoped in a two-day seminar I would not have to fill this with notes. The back cover was finished in a really nice, solid matt black piece of card. It gave me a feel-good feeling that the company running the training course were a solid business, and if they had gone to this trouble with something so small then that was surely a good thing.

During the seminar I started to think about uses for note pads like these in my business. Wouldnt it be nice if all our client service team used note pads similar to these? It would add to the continuity in our business, and would definitely show our clients that we were serious about business. And it would be better than using those generic ruled pads the office stationers supply to us. So I doodled a design idea for the front cover with a view to getting a batch of these printed.

It was then I noticed on the back cover, printed in very small type, the name of the print company who had printed these note pads. Printed by Bumboom Print it said along with a telephone number and web address. Smart people at Bumboom Print I said to myself. They are going to get an order for note pads just because someone attended a business seminar in Coventry.

I spoke to Bumboom Print the following day, and they told me they produced these note pads in three different sizes A4, A5 and A6. I could have the pads spiral bound in a colour of my choice, and could have 50, 75 or 100 pages per pad. The pages could be plain or ruled, or have a logo or message on them. They could design a front cover for me too. So within a week or two I should be taking delivery of some note pads for my sales team to use.

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