NCR pads say duplication is a good thing

If you are looking for a reliable printer who can deliver cost effective NCR pads for your business, you have just found one.

We live in an ever-changing world, yet the NCR pad has not yet been digitised. The reason for this is because businesses need to raise invoices, purchase orders, statements and so on and need a copy (or two) of this information. This kind of everyday business practice simply cannot be replaced by a computer program.

At Uthara Print we print many sets of NCR pads every week. We print them for builders, taxi companies, hotels and restaurants, courier companies in fact the list is endless. NCR pads can be printed in full colour or single colour. They can be 2-part, 3-part or 4-part. Every sheet can be identical, or sheets can be different. Normally the top sheet is white, second pink, third blue and fourth green but the choice of colours is yours. We offer sequential numbering, especially important for invoices. And they can even be printed double-sided. Many companies have their terms and conditions printed on the reverse side of the top sheet. NCR pads are normally padded I sets of 50 per pad. All our pads are glued and supplied with a durable back board plus a writing shield to protect the sheets underneath.

At Uthara Print we suggest you think about your business needs before having your NCR pads printed. There are so many ways of printing NCR pads, it important to get the choice right for your business. In fact you may wish them to be printed in a way that we have never done before. Just contact our estimating department to discuss your requirements with us.

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