Folders make your marketing pack complete

You have got your leaflets telling people of your different products or services. You have an A5 advertising flyer introducing a special offer, and you have a great looking letterhead that contains that sales letter you and your team agonised over for half a day. You have just had a call from a client you would really love to have on board. And you need to get a professional proposal out in the post to them, and you have just decided a folder to contain all these pieces of collateral material would be the real deal.

Folders are a brilliant way of mailing out a pack of information to prospective clients. The recipient will not only be impressed with what they see, but it will also be easier to keep everything from your company in one place. I recently applied to the local college about courses. Within a few days a large envelope arrived containing a glossy, well designed and superbly printed folder from them. Inside was a brochure telling me what great facilities the college had. There was another brochure listing all the courses available. Plus there was an application form. On top of the pile was a well-written letter thanking me for contacting them, which was signed by a real person something you don't get with email communication? I was impressed to say the least.

Folders come in many formats most are standard oversized A4 folders. The term oversized simply means that they will comfortably accommodate A4 paper. Some folders have a spine, often referred to as capacity and these are suitable when a large number of inserts are required to be used. Folders contain a pocket on the inside to keep the inserts from falling out this pocket can either be glued, or can be an interlocking device. There is no doubt that glued pockets are a much neater option than the interlocking kind in my opinion. An oversized A4 folder can have two pockets on the inside spread, or if the need required, you could choose a 6-page folder.

At Uthara Print we have many templates available for folders, and we suggest you contact us prior to the design stage. It is important to know at this stage what your folders need to contain, so that your choice of folder is right for the job. We print folders on a high quality board. It folds well and is robust enough for lots of handling. This, like other products, can have matt or gloss lamination as well as spot uv varnish finishes.

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