A5 Folded A6 Leaflets (148mm x 105mm)

There are sometimes in print when you need to print something a little out of the ordinary. We are all familiar with leaflets and flyers, especially folded leaflets. Normally folded leaflets are printed on a light or medium weight paper stock 135, 150 or 170gsm. But there are times when a heavier stock is required. This is why Bumboom Print deliberately target this kind of customer.

If we take a standard A4 leaflet folded twice to DL (1/3rd A4) printed on a robust 350gsm material, this will then stand up on its own. This kind of leaflet is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels. In fact its ideal for anyone who needs a leaflet to stand up on a table or counter.

But it is not just the folding that is important. The heavier weight card is also important. It adds a robust feel to the design, and at the same time is more superior to lighter weight leaflets or flyers. The heavier weight of card also gives more longevity to the communication in other words, a well-designed job printed on a quality 350gsm material might have more chance of being kept by the reader. Leaflets and flyers printed on lighter weight material still do their job, but maybe they are more quickly disposed of than something of a higher quality.

For restaurants, cafs and pubs an A4 folded twice to DL is a very popular size to use for menus. Bumboom Print can also matt or gloss laminate these. This will prolong their life and drink spillages should be able to wiped off without ruining the print.

Bumboom Print produce folded thick leaflets and flyers on 350gsm silk material. Sizes available are A4 folded to A5, A4 folded to DL and A5 folded to A6. You may need a size that we dont advertise, and if this is the case please ask one of our account handlers and they will be able to supply quotes on the sizes you require.

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