Calendars are a nice touch

I love Calendars. Well I ll rephrase that. I like decent, well designed and thought out calendars. I like calendars from friends showing photos of their growing family. Its such a nice touch, and adds a spark to my kitchen or work space.

Big businesses produce lavish calendars nowadays. Professional photographers and top London design houses are briefed on this annual extravaganza. But why do these companies invest so much time and money in this? Its because they know that a top notch calendar will remain on the walls of their clients until next December, and in this time their brand is forever being reinforced.

Smaller companies are probably thinking that they cannot compete with this, but they would be wrong. Bumboom Print is a company that specialises in calendar production, whether it be short run calendars for family and friends or higher quantities for businesses. This means that small businesses can give calendars to clients and prospects to help reinforce their brand. Just imagine a calendar from your company, with your branding and strap-line at the base of every month page, hanging up in the offices of your clients. Every day that office is manned, people will subconsciously see your branding. Now this really cannot be a bad thing.

Bumboom Print can produce calendars in an array of sizes, from A3 down to A5. Maybe you need one month per page, or maybe three months per page. The choices are endless. In fact there are so many options available, its probably best to contact Bumboom Print and see what they can do tailored to your budget and requirements. Bumboom can also do small quantities which would be suitable for the home user. These would be printed digitally, and still have the high quality finish that our litho work has. All calendars are professionally bound and come with calendar hooks. You may wish for Bumboom Print to do the design and artwork for you in this case you ll need to supply images and a design brief.

Calendars there is no better way to keep your brand in front of your clients and prospects for such a long time.

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