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Here the words NCR stands for Non Carbon Paper, and comes into use when you wish to transfer information from the top sheet to beneath while writing with pen and pencil. NCR pad is the ideal solution for companies in their day to day activities, who makes use of multi-sheeted forms. Instead of using those messy carbon papers these NCR Pads will accurately transfer the information applied to the top sheet with a pen for up to 5 sheets.
NCR sets are created by gluing together sheets together, but can be easily separated from the top, so both you and your customer can keep a copy of it. The sets of NCR come in either two, three, four and five and are kept in a boxed form. These sets make these NCR sheets ideal for storage, and quick and efficient.
When several NCR sets are glued together to make a combination one set, then it is known as an NCR pad. These pads usually consist of around 50 NCR sheets per pad and comes with writing shield, so the users can insert under each set at the appropriate point.

Some benefits of NCR pads are,
1. Easily transportable- these NCR pads are fairly compact and small, which means that they can be transported around easily.
2. Flexible- since data and information can be easily transferred from one sheet to another, reduces the need for any kind of photocopier or a scanner, thus making an NCR pad flexible and durable.
3. Promotional tool- these NCR pads can work as a great promotional tool, because you can print them with your logo and other brand information.

We at Bumboom print understand how important an NCR pads is for you and your organisation, as it can act as a binding contract between you and your potential client. We at Uthara print make our NCR pads in two sizes with the following specifications,
1. A4 NCR Pads- In these A4 pads we use high quality 50gsm paper with single in full colour. We print our A4 NCR pads either 2 piles, 3 piles or 4 piles with 50 sheets each.
2. A5 NCR Pads- Also, In these A5 pads we use high quality 50gsm paper with single in full colour. We print our A5 NCR pads either 2 piles, 3 piles or 4 piles with 50 sheets each.

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