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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are considered as simple yet an effective way of boosting sales and raising interest in your business could be right on your doorstep. With the help of these pavement signs you can take advantage of both pedestrians and motorists right outside your shop, petrol station or other business premises. One of the primary advantages of a pavement sign is that it lets potential customers know that you are there, as well as what you are offering as a business. This can be very helpful if you have a small business tucked in amongst many on the High Street, or if your business is difficult to find. You can use these pavement signs as many times you want as all you need to do is just change the banner on your pavement sign and you can start promoting your various activities at different times. A further benefit is that pavement signs, A boards, forecourt signs and even roadside promoters allow you to advertise a particular offer or promotion you might have on at the moment.

At Bumboom Print we print pavement signs in following types and specifications:-

  1. SWING BASE- these swing base pavement signs are produced in 3 sizes that is A0 (840 x 1189 mm), B1 (707 x 1000 mm) and B2 (500 x 707 mm). These pavement signs foot is of either silver colour or black colour and without a poster.
  2. FOLDING BOARD- these folding board base pavement signs are produced in 2 sizes that is B1 (707 x 1000 mm) and B2 (500 x 707 mm). These sign produced without poster, if you need poster, then it can be order from poster section.

At Bumboom Print we have a great team of dedicated, creative designers at our state-of-the-art design studio. Our team can help you get your imagination printed and give your business that distinctive look. Our team will help you in the whole process of printing right from receiving the product and until it is delivered to you.

We at Bumboom Print have a friendly staff they will tackle every problem with ease and, will give you information for each product and its printing process.
Whereas it goes with the online payment process in Uthara Print, It only takes three easy steps to place an order, and we have all the safety net for a very secure payment process.

Our standard delivery takes 5 to 6 working days, we can also do 3 to 5 working day delivery for an additional cost. We can also provide you with same-day express delivery with extra costs. Please consult us before you place you go for express delivery.

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