Corporate brochures setting the tone

The right brochure for your business helps set the tone for everything you want to tell your audience. It needs proper planning how many pages? What size? What paper? What do we say? What do we leave out?

At Uthara Print we can help guide you through this process if need be. We have printed many brochures for companies, and we are happy to send samples out to you to help you decide what you require We have probably all seen a glossy brochure from a 5 Star hotel before. If done right they contain professionally shot photographs of the hotel. The text is often very elegant in its treatment. Now, you don't even have to read one word because the look and feel of this brochure immediately says this is a great hotel for you, and we will look after your every need. You will also know that there is a fairly hefty price to stay at this hotel, and that's why the brochure was designed in such a way. What this proves is that the whole treatment of your company brochure needs to give the overall feel of your company. It would be no good designing a brochure for a construction company in the same way as that of the 5 Star hotel. A construction company brochure needs to have a rugged feel about it, and possible give examples of the kind of work undertaken. Whereas a hotel needs to show the comfort of the rooms and the gourmet style food available.

Popular sizes are A4 with multiple pages. Square sizes are also popular nowadays 210x210mm being most popular. Brochures are produced in sets of four pages take one sheet of A4, fold in half and you will have four pages of A5. Therefore, brochures are typically 12, 16, 20, 24 pages and so on. It is not possible to add one page, because you will need to add an extra set of four.

The best way to tackle your corporate brochure is to first of all speak to us. We can make you a plain paper dummy on the actual paper it will be printed on. We can also supply quote options for you to choose the best route. For example, you may wish your brochure to have a thicker weight for the cover � we call this self-cover. We could give you a price comparison with a cover on the same weight as the text pages and also one with a thicker cover.

Uthara print recommend you employ the services of a professional designer to design your brochure. Designers are experts in font usage and getting your brochure to have a modern, cohesive look. We recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements rather than taking on this task yourself.

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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

  I need help with design, I will provide details for the designer. See design fee with printing charges.

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